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Update for 2018

Dear readers,

After the previous blog post, I was occupied with finishing my Master thesis as well as moving onto a PhD program. Now, I am happy to share two publications from my previous year’s work on the following topics:

Surface passivation of CIGS solar cells with gallium oxide

Improvement of open-circuit voltage in Kesterite solar cells

The master thesis itself can be found in the following repository:
Absorber and interfaces of kesterite solar cells

Since September 2017, I have started a PhD program at Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin, on thin-film silicon solar modules wherein the silicon is locally melted and crystallized by laser energy. The latest developments on this topic can be found in the following papers:

Polycrystalline silicon thin-film solar cells: Status and perspectives (2013)

Liquid phase crystallized silicon on glass: Technology, material quality
and back contacted heterojunction solar cells (2016)

Progress in and potential of liquid phase crystallized silicon solar cells (2018)

Thank you for reading!